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Lisa Adams Staff Photo
Ms.  Lisa  Adams
Music Education
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BS in Education from Tennessee Technilogical University, emphasis in Music k - 12

MS in Education from Middle Tennessee University in Supervision and Leadership


Taught Band and classroom music at Blanche School in Lincoln County - 1988 to 2001

Taught classroom music at Fayetteville Intermediate School and Ralph Askins Elementary School - 2001 to 2012

Taught classroom music at Fayetteville Middle School and Ralph Askins Elementary School - 2012 to present


Ms. Adams was born and raised in Fayetteville/Lincoln County. After leaving this area to go to college and then get married, she was drawn back home. While single now, she was married to Donald H. Adams of Clarksville, TN. Having  no children of her own, she has several nieces and nephews and is starting to amass a rather substantial number of great nieces and nephews. In the tradition of almost every teacher known to man, she also thinks of all of her students as "her" children.

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